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Investors have trusted Morningstar’s research to help them achieve their financial goals since 1984. We put investors first. At every step, we come back to this principle.

With the Morningstar International Shares Fund, you can invest in international companies that may be difficult to access as an individual investor. You will also invest in brands you use in your home every day. A strong and established team of investment professionals have chosen from among the best international shares and will guide your portfolio through global peaks and troughs – giving you comfort that your money is in good hands.

Our Investment Principles

We put investors first

We put investors first

We're independent-minded

We're independent-minded

We invested for the long term

We invest for the long term

We're valuation-driven investors

We're valuation-driven investors

We take a fundamental approach

We take a fundamental approach

We strive to minimise costs

We strive to minimise costs

We build portfolios holistically

We build portfolios holistically

Fees and Performance

We want to give you what you need to work toward financial wellness. And we take that responsibility very seriously, managing money for you as though it were our own. That’s why fees in the Morningstar International Shares Fund are less than half the fees of the average international shares fund. And what about the performance? The figures speak for themselves.

What is this? Morningstar Average International Shares Fund
Investment Fees for a $20,000 investment The amount you pay us for researching, managing and administering your investment. $102 p.a. $277 p.a.1
Growth of $20,000 invested over 3 years to 28 Feb 2017 (net of investment fees)2 This is how the fund has performed in dollar terms. $26,913 $25,8983

  1. Source: Morningstar. Average of comparable international shares managed funds offered to Australian retail investors as at 30 November 2016.
  2. Morningstar International Shares Fund with 100% of currency unhedged. A 100% Australian dollar hedged version of the fund is also available. The funds commenced in June 2013.Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and should be assessed in light of the associated product risks. Returns shown do not take into account taxes and transaction costs. Performance is net of investment management costs (approx. 0.51% pa.) and assume distributions have been reinvested.
  3. As measured by the Morningstar Australia Fund Equity World Large Blend Category Average, a benchmark containing comparable international share funds that belong in the same category as the Morningstar International Share Fund.

How does Morningstar compare?

Annual Fees on a $20,000 Investment

Morningstar International Shares Fund

Average Actively Managed International Shares Fund

Source: Morningstar. Average Management Costs of Actively Managed International Shares Funds offered to retail investors as at 30 November 2016.

Diversify your investment portfolio with International Shares

Investment Proportion Pie Chart

Did you know the wealthiest 1% of Australians invest more than 30% of their money overseas? Over the past five years, international shares1 have outperformed Australian shares2 by roughly 5% per year, showing you the value of adding international shares to your investments to spread risk and diversify.

World Wealth Report 2015, Capgemini & RBC Wealth Management

  1. International shares, as represented by the MSCI World ex-Australia NR AUD$, a share market index representing global share performance across developed (excluding Australia) and emerging markets.
  2. Australian shares, as represented by the S&P/ASX 200 TR AUD, a share market index made up of the top 200 Australian shares (by market value) with net dividends reinvested

Access your money

We want to help you stay true to the practice of long-term investing, while providing the advantages of professional portfolio management.

But sometimes unexpected events mean that you need to access your funds. Rather than having all your money locked up in an illiquid investment, such as property, Morningstar International Shares Fund gives you access to your money when you really need it3. Simply contact us and we’ll help you out.

3. Normally within 6 business days following receipt of your request.

Meet the Managers

We know parting with your hard-earned money is a big decision. So to help you make informed investment decisions, and to familiarise you with the process behind the fund, we want to introduce you to some of the people behind the process. In the short videos below, you’ll see why investing in a managed fund is a great way to invest internationally and diversify your investment, and how a managed portfolio works.

Why investors should look globally for investment opportunities.

Why is investing through a managed fund the best way to access international shares?

Why is it important to keep fees low?

How do you select companies that are worth investing in?

How do you decide how much to invest in each company?

How do I invest?

To invest in the Morningstar International Shares Fund, just follow the easy steps below. To find out more about the fund, read one of the Fund Profiles: Hedged or Unhedged

Step 1

Read the Product Disclosure Statement

Hedged or Unhedged

Step 2

Consider if consulting a Financial Adviser is right for you before making a decision

Step 3

Download and fill in the application form here

Step 4

Submit the application with your certified ID and transfer your initial investment.

Alternatively, you can apply by MFund.

Once Morningstar has received the funds, you will be invested in 2-3 business days.

As an investor in the International Shares Fund, you can get regular updates about your investment and how it’s performing.


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